Monday, December 3, 2018

When in Rome

December is here, literally can't believe it's almost the end of the year! I love the festive season and the Christmas spirit in the air and will definitely create some gift inspos for you guys. Admittedly I haven't been very consistent with blogging this year, despite my wish to create more content. How ironic is that? I made it a goal last year to post more often and instead it has been my least consistent year since starting blogging. It's not pictures I was lacking as much as the inspiration to write. Hopefully this block will come to an end with the beginning of the festive season because I have loads of ideas! Before we get into the festivities there are a few more pictures to share from my trip to Rome. Prepare for touristy overload from Rome! Not much to say, except how amazing Rome is!

Have you visited Rome?

Have a pink-tastic day!


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  1. Love the outfit, very sweet and elegant and comfy sneakers! You look beautiful!

    The Flower Duet


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