I'm Carina and welcome to www.carinavardie.com, my little world where I post about all the things I'm passionate about. What can you expect to find here? Well, my two biggest passions are fashion and travel, but I also love everything food and beauty related. You'll find my style evolution over the years, fashion tips & looks, food diaries & recommendations, fashion experiments and travel suggestions. This is a place that aims to inspire you and show you the beauty of every day life. 

Welcome to my little corner on the internet!

When and why did I start blogging?
I started blogging back in 2012 (although that year has been deleted and my blog posts officially start from 2013). At the time I was living in Vienna, studying Cultural and Social Anthropology, and a friend of mine and I started our blogs at the same time. Since the start of my blog my focus has always been reusing and repurposing my clothes showcasing their versatility and prolonging their life, and I still stand by it today. 

What inspires me?
Fashion has been my passion from a young age, growing up I wanted to be a professional model and designer. I try to keep an open mind, always read about the latest in the fashion industry and find inspiration in everything around me, from nature to romance to fairy tales to history to architecture to people on the street. My style is a juxtaposition of structured tailoring and soft feminine textures, and while my style has changed over the years, this is something that has persisted.  

I'm 31 years old, although I look much younger hence why I think we can all agree I should be 25 for as long as possible. My height is 165cm / 5'4 and my weight fluctuates, but I'm naturally quite slim. My natural hair colour is blonde and I've in 2022 I started dyed it. If you'd like a similar hairstyle ask for blended roots for your colour and long layers for the haircut. Lastly, I have green eyes and freckles. 

Where am I from?
I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania where I attended a German Kindergarten followed by a German school. I then studied in Vienna, Austria and lived there for 5 years. My next move was to Milan, Italy where I stayed for around 18 wonderful months. After Milan I moved to London, United Kingdom in 2017 and I still live here now. 


  1. What a great intro video, you are just lovely! Glad to have found your blog ~



  2. A beautiful face with the stylish outfits!! :)


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