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The first question I have for you is what is your vice? Is it bags or maybe shoes or clothes or is it tech? Knowing the answer is very important before deciding on a bag, as it should impact your budget and mentality about this whole process. Naturally if you only need a bag for practical reasons and you're not too fussed about the brand, then there are options for whatever your budget might be and plenty of e-commerce sites to choose from without wasting too much time. However when you're a bag lover/addict everything gets more complicated. The research is part of the thrill, looking for that perfect bag. 

I love bags as you'll be able to tell from my YouTube channel. This is something that probably began in high school when my Chanel obsession started. In my heart I always knew my first designer bag should be a Chanel bag, but just because the heart craves something it doesn't mean it gets it. So let's start!

Establish a budget
Realistically speaking my first bag was a Michael Kors from an outlet next to Vienna. I was a student and couldn't afford the Chanel price tag, no matter how much I wanted it. At the time I calculated what would be achievable for me and did some research on the current bags. To maximize my budget, I decided shopping at an outlet store would be the best decision and it was. I was lucky enough to find a new season bag at a great discount. It was a navy tote that I used everyday for Uni, that bag was well loved and served me well for many years. When establishing your budget, you could also ask for help. An idea is for your family, partner and friends to pitch in for your bag as a birthday/Christmas present instead of gifting you something else. But whatever your budget it, it's important to have it in mind from the beginning when choosing a bag. 
Michael Kors Bag

Hand in hand with the above is timing. Where you currently are in life makes all the difference on your budget and wishes. You might be a student who can't afford a luxury designer bag or a young professional who has no interest in it and would rather spend their budget on traveling. There isn't a right or wrong version of this. We are all on our own timeline and we all evolve, changing our minds and wishes as time passes. My first luxury designer bag was a Chanel bag that I purchased when I was 26, because I knew once I took the leap into luxury designer it had to be this way. And I only achieved it with help, it wasn't all easy. 
Chanel Black Chevron Classic Bag

If you're like me and you're obsessed with a bag, no matter what designer or model, then you need to ask yourself if you're willing to make some choices in order to get that dream bag. Needless to say, but this is extremely important: never under any circumstances use all your money for a bag. Do not compromise your health or food budget for a bag. What I'm referring to is making some conscious decisions like making your own coffee at home rather than the daily Pret/Starbucks, preparing your own lunch for work instead of eating out and most importantly, and one of my strategies when purchasing my first Chanel, stop all fashion shopping. I didn't buy any clothes, shoes, bags for over 6 months. It made me realize how much I was spending on shopping and that I was slightly addicted to it, but also that with discipline I could achieve my goal. 
Saint Laurent Baby Sac de Jour in Black

When deciding what the bag should be try considering its purpose and ask yourself the following. What will I use it for? Can I wear it on multiple occasions? Does it suit my style and lifestyle? As your first designer bag it should be versatile enough that you can use it from day to night, it should match your fashion sense and wardrobe, and it should bring you joy. Don't fall for trends that you'll get bored with in a few years. Don't choose a colour just because it's fun in the moment. Don't make impulse decisions with your first designer bag. Analyze yourself to know what bag would be the best investment long term. You could always sell it after a few years, but I think the first designer bag is special and I wouldn't sell my first one. 
Fendi Bag in Icy Grey

Market research
That being said, even if you don't purchase a bag with the intent of reselling it, it's always smart to do some market research in case you change your mind. Will it at least hold its value? Is it a sought after bag that you could easily sell should you choose to? Would the resell value increase if you keep all its original boxing? If it has low resell value you could look into purchasing it from a reseller. Watch unboxing and review videos, and a lot of them so you can get a sense of what the bag really looks like or go in store to try it out before making a decision. Be sure you make an informed decision. 

Chanel Small Classic Flap in Red

Which bag should you choose?
And now the moment you've been waiting for. It might disappoint you or might not be what you imagined, but this isn't something anyone should tell you. Don't let other people persuade you about which designer bag you should choose. Take into consideration all of the above as well as analyzing what brands speak to you. This is your first designer bag purchase. It's such an exciting time and it should bring you joy long term. To this day, 4 years after buying my first Chanel, I'm still excited about it every time I wear it. So, from one bag lover to another, choose the one that gives you butterflies. And if you don't have the budget for it yet, wait for it. Trust me it’s totally worth it. 

What was your first designer bag? Or what would you like it to be?

Cari x

My first ever luxury unboxing on my YouTube channel was a Casadei one. It was incredibly well received, honestly creating one of my own that you liked watching and found informative was an absolute dream so if you've seen that video and commented or liked it, thank you. You babes are the best! If you haven't seen that one you can view it here

I still love the shoes I unboxed back then and I love designer shoes in general, as you've noticed throughout the years from my outfit and wishlist posts. Those Blade Casadei pumps are the dream, albeit half a size too small but I still wore them a couple of times and felt super stylish. I might actually add another pair of Blades to my collections, in the future not today's focus. Seeing my love for those shoes, I decided to purchase another pair of Casadei pumps, which I've unboxed for you in today's video. They're absolutely gorgeous and will pair nicely with most things in my wardrobe. 

Another fashion love of mine, that I've been sharing on both YouTube and my blog for years now, has been Self-Portrait. Their pieces are dreamy! There isn't a collection from which I wouldn't buy at least a few items. This dress I've been lusting over for a while now but with the pandemic I kept asking myself if I need it. Especially since we're not going anywhere at the moment. After debating for months, I finally bought it. It will have it's purpose at some point and for now it just makes me happy to have it. Doesn't it drive you insane when you miss out on a piece you wanted? I get super obsessed and then try to find it everywhere. I'm happy this dress won't drive me crazy, as I now have it. 

Make sure to watch the video to find out which dress and shoes I'm talking about, and subscribe to my channel for more weekly videos. 

Have a pink-tastic day!


A new week a new unboxing! How are we liking them so far? I enjoy filming hauls and sharing any details I think could be helpful for you when choosing a bag or shoes, or any clothing piece to be fair. There's a reason I look for unboxings before purchasing any luxury piece, and that's to get as much information possible from someone who purchased it. I also appreciate it better when it's in a video format and I can see how it looks when opening the bag or wearing the shoes. Are those the reasons that interest you as well? Getting more info, seeing the product 'live'? I would love to make these videos as informative as possible for you guys, to provide you with the best knowledge before purchasing an item. Any details you want included in my next unboxings make sure to let me know below! 

This one is really special, unboxing the Sac de Jour bag which has been on my wishlists for years now and the Niki boots which I've been eyeing since 2015. Couldn't be more thrilled! 

Please make sure to subscribe to my channel for more unboxings and fashion videos, it would mean the world to me. 

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Are you getting sick of all the hauls or not yet? Honestly, there's more coming so I really hope you're enjoying seeing what's in stores and how certain pieces fit, in case you were contemplating getting them. 

Something that has stood at the core of my personal styling, from the very beginning of this blog back in 2012, has been combining affordable high street pieces with luxury items. It's a great way to elevate your style and get the best of both worlds. I've also always encouraged staying true to your style rather than blindly following trends and I'm super proud I've stayed true to this. And I hope every time you see a post or video of mine, you feel confident to do the same. It's something I always told best friends and I treat you the same, and would share the same advice as if we were friends.

For this week's video I have a Massimo Dutti haul for you, sharing some amazing sale finds. These are pieces that will last you ages and can be styled in a bunch of different ways. They're perfect for work or dates or going out. 

Let me know in the comments of my video what you'd like to see next and leave me a ✨ so I know you came from my blog. I would love it if you subscribe and share the love.

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I contemplated writing this post seeing my 2020 was mostly spent in lockdown, but looking back I realized I still wore some cute outfits. And especially at the beginning of the pandemic, I made an effort to get dressed up at least a few times a week even if it was to go buy groceries or get a coffee. There are a couple of pictures from before the pandemic started, but a lot will have been taken in my closet as simple mirror selfies. They were cute outfits nonetheless. Some days they were what was keeping me sane and as an appreciation to the power of fashion in my life, I want to share my favourites. 

A lot of these outfits haven't been properly photographed and there are even more that haven't even been worn outside. Clearly, I shopped a lot. So just like most of you gorgeous babes, I can't wait to be able to wear all of my cute outfits outside, on holiday or just for coffee dates or partying with my girlfriends. For now I'll wait patiently for that to happen, while being grateful for my health and those around me. Stay safe everyone, we'll get through this.  

Have a pink-tastic day!


I was excited to unbox these items for you in this week's video, however it turned out to be a bit of a failed haul - watch the video to find out why. But I'm curious to know, do you still enjoy seeing unboxings/hauls even if they don't turn out as expected? Anyway, hope you enjoy this one and subscribe for more unboxings and fashion videos. Let me know what you'd like to see next.

Have a pink-tastic day!


How is everyone's January going? I feel like all I've been doing has been shopping. Obviously, it's not ALL I've done, but I went a bit crazy this Jan and I have so many things that I can't wait to share with you. You'll be getting loads of unboxing videos with try ons to help you see the items better. I'll make sure to talk about fabrics and fit and quality, if it's worth it or not, as well as always linking either the item or something similar in the description box, so always check there. First unboxing is already live and we're starting strong with a fabulous Mytheresa one - click here if you haven't seen it already. 

That being said, I might need a 'No Shopping Feb' after going all out in Jan, and it's only the 11th. I blame the amazing sales this year and my love for beautifully made fashion pieces, simply couldn't resist. But before committing to a 'shopless' Feb, I want to share more sales items with you. Honestly, shopping sales for luxury pieces is the best because you get that amazing bag/dress/pumps/whatever you were eyeing at a great price point. I know we're not going anywhere because of lockdown, but shopping can lift your spirit and dressing up around the house or for walks can put a smile on your face. It a really hard time for everyone, so anything to enhance your mood. 

Have you been shopping loads in Jan? Let me know your best finds.

Have a pink-tastic day!


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