Monday, September 4, 2017

Fall Trends: Red to Toe

Red to toe is one of the most fun yet challenging trends of the season. We all know that red is sexy and empowering, but throwing on a flirty red dress would have been the easy way. I wanted to create an all red outfit that would be appropriate for work. Something elegant and stylish, without looking mental. 

The base combines a classic cut red blouse with a silk a-line midi skirt. Look at the movement this skirt has!! It's amazing, it just makes you want to dance and twirl. There's a lot of red, so a nice wide belt helps highlight your waist and we already know waist belts are one of this fall's trends. The secret to making a red to toe outfit work are different textures and shades of red. You'll notice the bag, bracelet and watch are a darker red shade with faux crocodile texture. The peep toes are satin, which gives elegance and it's incorporating the satin trend

Overall it works, however you do need a lot of confidence to walk around the city and office like this. It will get you some curious looks, but remember it's all in good fun, as fashion should be. If you're not loving the "Red to Toe", but still want to play around with the red trend, add some red accessories to your outfits. 

Would you rock a red to toe outfit?

Have a pink-tastic day!
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  1. Die Farbe steht dir total gut und ist der Trend im Herbst! Das Kleid gefällt mir sehr gut :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  2. you have a beautiful dress;)
    You look pretty in red :)

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL in red! It's definitely your colour! It's the movement of the skirt, you're so right! It does take a lot of confidence to walk around head to toe in red, and girl, you are rocking it!

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  4. I'm so happy for this trend, honestly! Every time I see it I feel like I need to work it and haven't yet, but definitely shall soon! Xx

  5. wow I love the dress, perfect color for you:) You look stunning Dear:)

  6. I love your shoes! Stunning outfit.

  7. Amazing! that dress is the cutest!

  8. Oh very gorgeous style
    I love it your red shoes

  9. Ti sta benissimo questo outfit :) Grazie Un abbraccio:)

  10. You look so gorgeous in the bold red dress! I've always wanted a dress like this, it looks super classic! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  11. I like the color red! He is beautiful and very saturated.

  12. Wow, you really look amazing! This dress is fantastic, like it so much!Great post dear beautiful lady!

    Visit me, and follow back. Hope see you soon. Maleficent

  13. yessss girl! Red is definitely coming back and I can't wait!!

    XO, Jessi


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