Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fall Trends: Feminine Leather & Butterum

I have to say this whole fall series is extremely enjoyable and is expanding my styling sense. It's helping me view all of the trends in a more open way and with an eye for styling, always thinking which trends would go with my style and how to combine them together. Today's two trends are feminine leather and the color "butterum", however I also incorporated the satin trend we discussed last week.

Do you fancy these two trends?

Have a pink-tastic day!

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With the beginning of fall we all love a bit of leather, be it via a jacket, pants or skirt. While usually leather is seen as edgy, this year there's a feminine interpretation taking over, either through the cut, color or styling of the leather piece. It's more delicate yet still empowering and cool, but not just for the edgy girl anymore. As you can see from the pictures, I opted for a dark green leather jacket. The cut of the jacket is sleek and simple, draping perfectly over the shoulders and thanks to the less harsher color it has even more feminine vibes.  
Butterum isn't the kind of color I usually go for, it's warm and toasty. As you've seen if you've been following for a while, I'm more of a cool shades kind of gal. However I still find this shade very flattering and just pure autumnal. This will be for sure a very cute eyeshadow color, especially paired with a deep orange or dark nude lipstick shade.
H&M Dress
Massimo Dutti Jacket
Gucci Ballerinas
Meli Melo Choker Duo


  1. Wow, so interesting styling. like it a lot!
    You are so sweet and cute! Dress is o special and really original!
    Like it a lot! Wonderful photos. Jacket is great, too. Lovely!

    Visit me, and follow. See you soon. Maleficent

  2. Wow, dein Kleid ist ja großartig :-*

    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.de

  3. Loving everything about this look, girl!

    xx Rebecca / The Crystal Press, Fashion Blog

  4. I love how they both work together!!
    So pretty Carina :)



  5. Love this dress! It suits you sooo well. Really pretty outfit <3

    Best, Gilda

  6. You look gorgeous <3
    Happy Wednesday

  7. That H&M dress is SO PRETTY! What a gorgeous and luxurious color and I love the midi style. So happy that the fall fashion is here! Xx


  8. I do fancy the two trends, and butterum is such a great color! Satin is so feminine! You look gorgeous, as usual! Lovely skirt and jacket! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  9. leather in the fall is my favorite piece to wear!!

    XO, Jessi


  10. This look is beautiful and I love your pictures too. Have a great weekend!



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