Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Love is Lovely

Being in self-isolation can be challenging, depending on your home environment and because of all the 'pressure' to learn a new hobby or a new language, get into painting or writing, exercise, do 20 steps skincare routines, do this or that and so on. Social media is full of all the things you should do. For anyone needing to hear this, babe it's ok to do nothing. If today you feel like starting 100 projects and be your most productive self, perfect do you. But if you can barely get out of bed to brush your teeth, know that doing nothing is good for you as well. Give yourself a break and listen to all your thoughts, acknowledge them and understand what they mean. Find your inner peace and love yourself! Trust me, no one is productive all the time and that's fine. Stay safe babes!

Have a pink-tastic day!


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