Thursday, September 19, 2019

My Belle Dress

We all have a that one piece of clothing that instantly boosts our confidence and moral, no matter how much we're currently disliking everything in our wardrobe. Which, let's be honest, can happen more often than it should due to all the pressure the fashion industry can put on us to constantly wear the latest trends and buy the latest collections. However, this summer I discovered this gorgeous yellow gold satin dress, that became my confidence boost piece as soon as I wore it the first time. 

I've been obsessed with satin for years, even since high-school, and I've shared this love quite often on the blog. Satin is a lovely fabric, smooth to the touch and has beautiful sheen, not to mention how  flattering and glamorous it is. It can be worn day to day or on special occasions, as well as for nightwear. Satin is very versatile, not only in fashion but also for interior design and can be made from either silk or synthetic materials. Can you tell how much I love it?! 

Back to this dress... I feel it's important to find confidence from within, but it's nice when you have a little boost on those days when you need it. I wore this dress so many times this summer, as it just made me feel like a princess. It truly is my Belle (as in Disney princess Belle) dress. It flows beautifully, it's the perfect golden shade and has a versatile style that I have worn from lunch to dinner to drinks, styled casually and more elegant. I know it will stay in my wardrobe for a long time and I can't wait to wear it next. 

Do you have a similar piece in your closet? What makes it so special?

Have a pink-tastic day!


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  1. Aww you look beautiful, Princess Carina! I also love that the waist has a fitted band.



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