Monday, September 23, 2019

Dare to Dream

What are dreams? Well, a series of stories we play out in our head while sleeping. They can be linear or abstract. Dreams are also an ideal we aspire towards. According to doctors and analysts it's a thinking process, a continuation of your day. Do they mean anything? Across the years, different theories arose. Obviously, Sigmund Freuds is one of the most famous ones as he believed dreams reveal unconscious repressed fears or wishes. I happen to agree, dreams do mean something. 

Let's talk about dreams as aspirations. So, what are your dreams? What makes you tick? Do you feel lost sometimes or all the times? Do you get caught up in the dream and struggle taking the first steps towards making it happen? I do. I'm a dreamer at heart, always thinking about the best possibilities, outcomes, imagining the whole process, but struggling putting it in action. Sometimes, I find excuses and convince myself they're true, other times I feel so inspired that I take action. It's important to follow your dreams and not let yourself be stopped by fear. However, it's vital to understand that you need to do everything at your own pace. Be kind and accept your flaws, while trying to better yourself. Don't let others pressure you and don't bully yourself when delaying your own process. We all think differently and what works for some won't work for you, you need to find your own path even if it's at a slower pace than others's. Most importantly, never stop dreaming. 

Have a pink-tastic day!

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