Monday, October 22, 2018

Kew Gardens

The Kew gardens or the Royal botanic gardens are located near London and expand on more than 130 hectares. Are you impressed yet or should I go on? It's London's largest UNESCO world heritage site and is the perfect getaway place, not to mention the iconic Palm House is an Instagram heaven. Did you know it functions also as a research center that maintains the largest plant collection in the world? It's truly breathtaking to see and an amazing destination to connect with nature while escaping hectic London for the day. 

Side note, let's talk about shoes for a second and specifically sling-backs - when mid heel sling-backs first came out I wasn't really a fan. The heel just looked low and unflattering for some reason. With time they warmed up on me and I started appreciating their beauty. As more models came out catering for more styles, I fell in love and honestly now their one of my favorite shoes. They're comfortable, yet give you some height and are actually incredibly flattering. Funny how we things grow on us with time. Are you a fan?

Have a pink-tastic day!


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  1. The garden is lovely, and you look beautiful! I love the pants dear, the bows are nice and I think Marie-Antoinette would wear this!

    The Flower Duet


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