Monday, October 29, 2018

Content Creator Truths

Let's let our hair down and have some fun with a few content creator truths. This post is meant to be funny and shed some light, you know while keeping it light. Get it?! Anywaaaay... if you don't feel the same it's fine, don't get offended - this is a positive space!

Everyone thinks taking pictures is easy peasy with no stress, no fuss and you get your desired content after one shoot. This couldn't be further from the truth. Creating visually enticing content takes time, nerves and a whole lot of research. Do you think people just roll out of bed and the perfect location pops up in their mind? You'd be wrong to think so. I research new locations in the city I live in constantly and for trips I do it months in advance, at times I even start when a city is just on my bucket list because you never know. It's better to always be prepared. Is it a bit much? For anyone not caring about fabulous pictures it is and rightfully so, but my biggest regret after visiting stunning countries, which I'm probably not going to visit again soon, is that I hadn't prepared. To be clear, it's not just for the 'gram, I actually enjoy it - it's fun for me!

There's of course the very delicate subject of bothering your significant other. A lot of people are lucky to have someone in their life that adores taking pictures and supports them by shooting with them. I'm very lucky to have both my partner and girlfriends do the job. However, my partner - despite taking the best pictures - dislikes photography and anything to do with it. He takes my pictures everywhere we are because he's a sweetheart, but it's not his passion nor dream to do that. It's always hard to know when you're asking too much since as a creative person with a vision you seek the perfect shot. I'm sure every blogger/vlogger/content creator can relate to annoying their "personal photographer" at least once. Which is why having your research does help, you can be quicker and to the point! 

Planning outfits is another fun element when you're shooting fashion content. I love styling and fashion in general, but there's only so much my suitcase can hold and only so much I can buy. Diverse looks in pictures is something I strive for, which is why I've learned to reuse, restyle and repurpose everything in my wardrobe to create tons of looks with the same clothes. This is as mentioned crucial when traveling. On my trip to the US this past spring I nailed it, if I may say so myself. All items were cherry picked to go with each other and create multiple looks.

Have you ever wondered how bloggers/instagramers/etc manage to have pictures all alone in locations you know ohh to well are crowded? It comes down to two things. 1. waking up at the crack of dawn and you're alone. I would say the downside to this strategy is quite obvious - you wake up at 5-6am depending of the location. It's insane and hard, especially when you're doing it for someone else. Needless to say it's something to do once in a while if you care about the person taking your pictures. Option 2. is apparently simple patience. Why apparently? Well you can't control the people surrounding you and this relies a lot on people being nice and understanding, which doesn't always happen. However, sometimes you'll meet a fellow creator at the same location and you'll both have a huge understanding for each others craft which is a nice feeling.

Well ... those are my creator's truths for today. Did you enjoy this kind of post? Should I do more?

Have a pink-tastic day!


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  1. A great style and I love this amazing location :-*

    Melanie /


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