Friday, September 14, 2018

From Bucharest with Love

I shared multiple posts from Bucharest along the years, however it's unmissable that I only showed a bit as I have always focused on spending time with friends and family. That's always a priority, but this time I really tried to reveal a bit more of Bucharest, not just the same locations as I've done in the past. Bucharest is my home city for anyone new here and is filled with charming restaurants and buildings. Bucharest, once known as "little Paris", is the capital city of Romania. The nickname was given because of the dashing architecture and sophisticated elite. Though during the Communism a lot of socialist-style buildings were constructed, Bucharest kept part of its vibrancy and elegance. 

We're going to start our little visual journey in the old town, which started as a artisans and merchants district. Now the narrow streets are packed with restaurants and pubs making for a quirky summer city destination for nights out in Bucharest. The Old Town isn't only famous for the nightlife, it's also filled with historical and cultural attractions. You can clearly see how the the second world war, earthquakes and the communist time have affected the old town, but there's also beauty in the captivating streets. One of my favorite places is the Carousel of Light and shoutout to everyone remembering me raving about the Carousel of Light 3 years ago. This bookshop is so special and I always bring everyone to see it and recommend it wholeheartedly. 

Have you visited Bucharest?

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