Monday, July 16, 2018

Chihuly Museum in Pastel Outfit

The Chihuly Museum has to be my favorite background for pictures that I encountered this vacation. The playful colors and shapes are mesmerizing. It's inspiring to see what Dale Chihuly has created, actually it's magical and pictures don't manage to do it justice. This was one of the places I had carefully planned to visit and shoot in. To honor the captivating creations I choose a playful dress with asymmetric cuts and patch-like fabrics combing pastel colors. 

My summer styling has been quite feminine combing pastel with white-ivory shades in light weight and flowing fabrics. I adore structured pieces even for the warmer months, but I've felt a stronger pull towards ruffled chiffon flowing dresses this season. Every time I see street-style pictures of bloggers wearing flowing dresses I can't help but to fall in love and dream of ways to shoot such a fabulous piece. 

Another must have for the summer that has made its way in my heart have been the slingback shoes. I've loved the original Chanel slingback almost from the beginning, however had a harder time warming up to the dupes and similar styles other brands created. Though I must admit to  loving the Dior slingbacks also from start. After purchasing the pair featured in this post I fell in love with the style. Not only are they flattering, but they are also comfortable and chic. 

How do you feel about slingback shoes?

Have a pink-tastic day!



  1. Wow I was mesmerized too by its creative and colorful motif.

  2. Wonderful place..I also want to go here and have my selfies lol

  3. Great post dear Carina, like this outfit so much!


  4. Amazing blend of pastels. It is my favorite medium of playing with the colors too.

  5. Such a nice museum!! and you look so lovely Carina :)


  6. I like the ambiance of the place just for its pictures. And by the way you look lovely on your outfit.

  7. Love the place and also your outfit there.

  8. I also have a pink-tastic day while reading your blog. Thanks for sharing us this awesome scenery!

  9. I love the place very relaxing and colorful.Beautiful!


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