Monday, May 28, 2018

Beating Jet Lag - 5 Tips

Traveling overseas can take a toll on your body no matter how well prepared you are, especially when you end up having 8 hours time difference from your original time zone. Jet lag happens when your usual sleep pattern is disturbed after a long flight and it can take your body between 3 to 5 days to recover. It is said jet lag is better when flying west and worst when flying east, because our bodies function better on a longer day rather than a shorter one. I've never experienced proper jet lag honestly, I just get tired. However I've found 5 tips that really help me and hopefully they will help you as well. Keep reading.

Have a pink-tastic day!

1. Sleep on the plane. I always try to sleep on the plane and if I can't I'll try to rest with my eye mask on and listen to calming music. With age it gets harder to sleep in uncomfortable places like airplanes or any other transportation mode, but it's always good to rest before arriving at your destination unless you are arriving during nighttime. In that case try to stay awake in order to sleep well when you arrive. I find sleeping on the plane helps me adjust to the new time zone.

2. The moment you step on that plane you have to think you're in the time zone of your destination, so set your clock/phone to your vacations time zone. This will help you get psychologically aligned. 

3. No coffee or junk food before the flight, it will keep you from sleeping. Additionally they will make you dehydrated and possibly bloated which will lead to a very uncomfortable flight. Allegedly, they also decrease jet lag recovery so stay on the safe side and avoid them. 

4. Keep hydrated, inside and out. I recommend drinking coconut water or water with electrolytes as pressurized airplane cabins can lead to dehydration. If you don't like coconut water or water with electrolytes, just drink normal spring water as often as you can. Your skin also gets dehydrated during flights so having a travel size hydration mist can be a savior. 

5. Exercise when you arrive. You've been on a long flight with reduces possibilities of movement, your body is stiff and aches from doing nothing so help it by doing a light workout in your hotel room. 

Bonus tip: Melatonine helps your brain and body clock. I know it's not for everyone, but just in case you were looking for some extra help. 



  1. Those tips will be very useful for my trip to Thailand this summer ;)
    Hope you had a great vacations time!


  2. Thanks for the tips! I get super jet-lagged. Love the outfit too.

  3. So helpful!! Def need to try these!

    XO, Jessi

  4. A very nice view and post!I love it!


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