Friday, February 23, 2018

Suit Up

Suits have been the center of attention for two years now and as we have been seeing all over the runways they will continue to reign in seasons to come. They are flattering and empowering, best of all can be styled up or down. As a woman wearing a structured suit with a gorgeous pair of heels I feel not only strong and confident, but also sexy. Suits also look stylish worn with sneakers, it gives a youthful and fresh perspective on the look. 

If you're new to the trend start with a matching suit in black or navy. Once you feel more comfortable with that you can mix and match colors and patterns, going bolder and having more fun with it. Suits don't have to be corporate boring. Even if prints, patterns or colors aren't your thing you can still play with different textures and cuts. 

The suit I'm sharing today is one I put together by styling a pair of Zara trousers I've had for more than a year now with this new River Island blazer. The blazer has ruffled flute sleeves, making it more interesting and feminine, while the trousers have a gold stripe detail on the waist cinching you in. The small details are the ones that help you pop and distinguish yourself. Here are my tips for styling suits.

1. Confidence is key, so pick a suit that makes you feel fabulous. The material, cut, color and style should all be to your highest standards. Be careful how it fits, have the patience to find the right one for you. If all those elements are perfect for you, naturally you will feel confident in it. 

2. Play and match feminine with masculine elements. Suits have been seen as masculine for a very long time, but women are now proving they can wear it more stylish. Find your sweet spot of mixing masculine and feminine factors, there isn't one formula that works for all. 

3. Be creative yet polished. Have fun with your styling by incorporating colors, patterns or interesting textures, but stay sophisticated. 

Are you a fan of suits?

Have a pink-tastic day!



  1. Amazing outfit! It looks great and you look like a powerful and strong woman in it :) I always feel like suits and blazers can be really feminine and they always look good and professional - even in a normal everyday outfit they work great! Have a nice day :)

  2. Amazing outfit <3
    good and nice weekend <3

  3. Der Anzug sieht ja richtig toll aus! :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  4. Love flare sleeve detail ! and you look so adorable !

  5. I like your shoes you look cute wearing it.


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