Monday, February 19, 2018

Let your imagination bloom

As children being creative is a second nature. It almost feels like you could never loose your imagination. At the same time it's hard to understand how adults stop seeing beauty in everything and how they lack the imagination to see wonders at every step. Growing up means you start thinking about different situation logically and "realistically", problems bring you down and negativity has a huge toll on us. While we do need to face the real world, we can still express our creativity and most of all we should still nurture it. Here are a few tips how you can do that.

1. Try a new creative activity like painting, singing, playing an instrument or acting. Look it up on the internet or sign up for classes, just try something new. It might inspire you and get you in that creative mood. Simply immerse yourself in the artistic process. 

2. Try to look at everyday situations from a different perspective. Why not take an ordinary situation and put yourself in some else's shoes, maybe someone you aspire to? It could help you get in a different frame of mind. 

3. A lot of people believe meditation helps trigger your imagination. Getting in touch with all your senses should help with creativity, but most importantly embrace your inner child. Remember how carefree you used to be, that will help you relax. 

A lot of times we block our creativity out of fear, fear of what others might think and how they will judge us. We should stop letting fear dictate our life and just express our creativity. 

How do you keep your imagination alive?

Have a pink-tastic day!



  1. You look so beautiful dear! Amazing colors!

  2. Der Rock sieht ja richtig toll aus und ich bekomme da auch total Lust auf Frühling :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

  3. Such a chic outfit! Love how you matched the skirt and sweater. Great ideas to find more inspiration too, love to try a new activity! Xx

  4. Very beautiful look! :)


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