Monday, February 6, 2017

Preppy in the Rain

The weather in Milan has been very photography unfriendly this past week, so it was time to get creative and start styling around my rain boots. These are very simple riding boots ( bought them on a site specialized in horse riding gear), so they are quite easy to style. In really bad lighting you might even confuse them with elegant leather boots. The slick aesthetic made me fall in love with them.

For a change of pace, this weekend we decided to visit a museum and found out there was a Manolo Blahnik exhibit in Milan. I literally squealed and annoyed my boyfriend into going, God bless his soul for putting up with me. 😹 In case you happen to visit Milan, the exhibit is on until April and I really recommend it. Most of you won't know this about me, but I wanted to be a shoe designer. It was my favorite fashion piece to design and the one I was good at. Anyway, I posted a lot of Insta stories, like always, so in case you don't follow me on Insta, you should. Click here to remedy that. Shameless plug, I know.  

Outfit wise, I'm still incorporating summery pieces in my winter wardrobe. This time pairing a white jacquard dress with a black dressy shirt, tights and rain/riding boots, let's not forget the pearl choker for a touch of edgy elegance. 

If the rain keeps up, you'll be seeing more of these rain boots. It's a fun challenge to show you can be stylish even in unfavorable weather conditions. 

What's your go-to shoe choice when it's pouring rain?

Have a pink-tastic day!
ZARA Dress
H&M Blouse
Stradivarius Choker
Piquadro Bag
Kraemer Boots


  1. Pretty blog post! X

  2. love your look! and these photos are so positive) this dress reminds me of my university graduation, when I had a simialr one, but black)


  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love that dress xx

  4. Beautiful photos. You are so sweet in this outfit.
    Like it!


  5. You're so pretty with this outfit. So feminine and fun!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | Diy & Lifestyle Blog

  6. That dress is too cute on you! Love how you styled it :)


  7. I wet to a shoe exhibition yesterday, but not as fancy as the one you went! Thousand times amazing, the one you went to, Manolo Blahnik is incredible! I loved the outfit, loved the boots as well and the lovely coat and dress! You always look so sweet and beautiful! Hope the weather gets better soon! Wishing you a great week!

  8. Your outfit is beautiful!
    I really like your dress! It's so cute! :)

    ❤ , Sabrina

  9. Cute outfit and beautiful photos!

  10. So cute Carina!! :)


  11. Annoying my boyfriend into doing things with me is my favorite haha! I love your dress!

  12. Perfect dress:) Fabulous as always:)

  13. Nice pictures! :)

  14. Bellissimo questo vestito, ti stà molto bene:) Kiss!! VLifestyle

  15. Sehr süßes Outfit und die Location ist ja auch super. :)

    LG Pierre von Milk&Sugar

  16. This is too cute! I started following you on insta btw :)



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