Friday, July 7, 2017

How to disconnect - 5 Tips + Lace Outfit

Is a technological disconnection even possible nowadays? We're surrounded and always on either our phones, tablets or laptops, be it for work or for our personal life. Disconnecting can sound impossible or harsh for someone like me, who literally spends the whole day on her laptop and phone for work and blogging. Digital marketing would be kind of hard without the digital part ahahah. This is why I wanted to share a few tips for disconnecting, "read more" for all the tips.

Have a pink-tastic day!
1. Choose to go on a digital cleanse while on vacation. Being away from home offers a lot of favorable situations. You're in a relaxing location, where your only concern should be having fun. You can enjoy outdoor activities and try out new sports or games, depending on your preferences. This way, you're distracted and don't think about social media the whole day. If you want to capture a moment and make it eternal, you can use your camera and publish everything on social media once you finished the cleanse. 

2. Leave the laptop behind. While on holiday in the Dominican Republic I left my laptop home, so a huge part of my technological addiction was gone. It was hard in the beginning, but it forced me to be more present and I paid more attention to my surroundings. 
3. Opt for a resort without wifi. If you think about it, it's easier to do a digital cleanse without being surrounded by internet. This way you're not even tempted. My resort had a horrible wifi connection, so I could only use it a few times a day, which meant I wasn't always on my phone and I wasn't looking for wifi everywhere.

4. Read books! This is another tip that will help keep you distracted, so make sure to pack a lot of books with you. Every time you're tempted to check social media, read a bit. 
5. Schedule everything! If you're good and take care of your posts beforehand, you can rest relaxed that your social media presence won't suffer while you're on a cleanse. It isn't a must if it makes you stress even more, however, planning everything offered me peace of mind. This is also nice for everyone enjoying your posts or videos. 

These were my tips, if you have any other tips make sure to share them with everyone in the comments bellow! 
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  1. when I go abroad, I just conenct to wi-fi sometimes, but most of time I spend offline and it makes me feel so free!

  2. I also try to disconnect by reading more. This vacations though I will try to hide my phone a bit: i mean, for example if at the pool with my friends, I will put the phone away for a couple of hours. Plus, this year I won't have wifi connection at my place... so I won't be using the laptop that much and plan everything in advance ;)


  3. gorgeous views!
    cool post!

  4. Keeping a book at hand is so key to a digital cleanse... I broke my phone about a month ago and haven't had the money to replace it, but it's been really nice having a (forced) digital cleanse! I have to get my laptop out if I actually want to check something, which is a good deterrent.

    xx Fiona
    New England Gothic

  5. I would love to disconnect for even just one day at some point but it's so hard, and I hate having to do everything when I get back from a trip. Doing things little by little is best for me :) I like your tips though!

  6. Thanks for your really good tips and the beautiful pictures! Personally I definitely schedule as much as it makes sense to me and I love reading!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. oh I love these tips! A great and simple idea is definitely to just leave the laptop home. It'll make a huge difference indeed. Have a lovely week babe! Xx


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