Friday, April 11, 2014

Lip product addict

As you already know, I love make-up and beauty products. Today I want to share with you an overview of my Lipsticks and Lip-glosses. I wouldn't call it a "collection", since I don't own that many in comparison to other beauty bloggers. However I am also not trying to build a huge collection. If there is a colour I like and want, then I will buy it. But I think I'm good for now. I have most if not all the colours that I want, so it's pretty hard to find something that will make me go Yes! I must have this one no matter what. 

I have so many lipsticks, because out of all the beauty products lipstick and mascara are the most important for me. I believe I can rock a bold lip on it's own and it gives the illusion that I spent a lot of time on my make-up, even though I didn't.

I own a lot of pink shades A LOT! but they are different shades or finishes. That's how I justify having so many pink lipsticks / lip-glosses.

For those of you who are interested, from left to right the brands of the lipsticks are : Revlon, Lime Crime, NYX, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, MAC and YSL.
For the Lip-glosses : L'oreal, Dior, MAC, Bobbi Brown, NYX, Smashbox and Revlon. Flat on the table are a Victoria's Secret and a Benefit Lip-gloss.

Have a pink-tastic day!


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