Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Days

Hi everyone.

Today will be a rambling post. Just felt like sharing what has been going on.
I recently started the #100happydays challenge. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a way of challenging yourself to find something that makes you happy each day. You don't get any prize, it's not a contest or a show off. Since I believe we should be grateful for what we've got and appreciate what makes us happy each day, I started this challenge. We'll see if I make it through.

Spring break and easter are coming soon. Excited to go home and spend some family time. If we're lucky I'll convince my sister to take some more outfit pictures with me. I enjoy having her in my posts. Also  can't wait for the warm weather. I mean what's going on Vienna? As always the weather is deceiving, but it can only get better from here.

I'm pretty sure this is a boring post for most of you! Here is something that some might think it's at least interesting. I'm thinking of doing a cleanse. Maybe 3 days, in the first and last day eating  raw and the second day juice cleansing. I want a day before to eat raw in order to get my body used to it and not shock it. The last day for the same reason, not to shock my body. I think everybody could try a detox in the best way they can. Not everyone would do a juice cleanse, actually none of my friends or family members would do this.  However you can alternate it to your desire, there are so many "detoxifying diets" out there. You can pick and choose whatever suits you best. It's not something you should do! I'm not a nutritionist! I make my own thoughts upon reading a lot of health articles. If you're interested, you can research it. "When" and "If" I will do it, I'll share with you what I will eat that or those days.

Have a pink-tastic day!


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