Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holidays Outfit Part 1

Hey Dolls!

I've been contemplating to write a new series of outfit ideas for the holidays season. The holidays are always a fun opportunity to dress up, for either family gatherings or parties between friends. However you choose to spend your holidays I hope you enjoy this series and can get some inspiration on what to wear.

Todays outfit is dressy yet comfy, combining a structured dress with a cozy and fluffy sweater. The sweater is monochrome, but introduces a hint of gold between the colours. The whole outfit is monochrome with a pop of colour, which came from the shoes. I decided on a pair of green pumps, green is after all a christmasy colour. I also put a great amount of thought in the shoes, since it might be a busy day for some of you I considered a low heel - 10cm/ 4 in.

Have a pink-tastic day!

Mango Sweater
ZARA Dress
H&M Pumps
Ray Ban Sunglasses 

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick 

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