Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey Dolls!

I kind of got sick after my trip to Slovenia, so I didn't feel in the mood to take any pictures or write a tag post. Instead I decided to write a "rambling" post, where I talk about various things.

First of all I wanted to share with you what I cooked for my early Christmas Dinner with my boyfriend. I got my inspiration from Pinterest, I could stare at that site for hours and I periodically do.
I decided on the following : as a starter I made bruschetta with avocado and prosciutto, for the first course Lasagne Rolls and for the main course oven baked chicken thighs with bacon mashed potatoes. The desert was the only thing I didn't get from Pinterest and it was Croissants filled with Nutella and Cherries.

I tried to incorporate some italian influences in the dinner, since my boyfriend is Italian. I'll share some pictures from my Pinterest inspiration because I forgot to take any while preparing dinner.

Also while browsing on Pinterest, I found some awesome manicure ideas for Christmas. I'm not sure if I'll be able to reproduce them, but how amazing looking are these? At least I like the ideas a lot, they are so creative. 

Hope you liked this kind of post, or at least got some inspiration if you're preparing a dinner or want to get some festive nails done.

Have a pink-tastic day!

Disclaimer : All pictures are via Pinterest.


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