Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend outfit - Feathery Skirt and Bow Details

Another cold day in Vienna, but met with a new optimistic attitude! This time I chose to dress up and ignore the weather, which made it a very freezing day. It was none the less a lot fun. And after-all what's the point of having so many fun clothes if you can never wear them? That being said, always keep in mind to layer some cardigans and coats that keep you toasty. Don't get a cold just because you want to show off a cute outfit.

Back to the look, I love the feathery skirt because it's really fluffy yet elegant, perfect for colder days. The bow detail cinches the waist in and creates more dimension in the outfit. I enjoy these kind of outfits that are girly yet put together and more on the elegant side.

Hope you like it.

Primark Shirt
Mango Skirt
Zara Pumps 
H&M Bow Necklace 
Swatch Wristwatch
Tiffany Ring 



  1. You look so lovely! Love your top with the bow :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  2. Nice blog and post! I think I will be here more often, I'm your new follower!
    Don't forget to check out my blog&facebook page&youtoube channel!

  3. Lovely! Loving your bow top<3


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