Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Birthday in Amalfi

I didn't have a huge celebration surrounded my loads of people for my 31st birthday. Instead I did all the things that make me happy. 

Starting from enjoying a wonderful day at the beach sipping Aperol Spritz and having gelato as a mid day snack. One of my favourite activities at the sea side is to go on a boat trip, and as a special birthday treat we rented the boat all for ourselves, cruised on the Amalfitan coast while sipping champagne and enjoying the view. After a little swim we came back to the hotel and got ready for the best meal: pizza and pasta. Yes, you only turn 31 once, so I had pizza as an appetizer followed by pasta as my main, highly recommend. 

I was extremely overdressed but it was my birthday, might as well. Overall a very wholesome day spent the best way possible for me. 

Cari xx

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