Monday, November 16, 2020

New Posting Schedule

For years my posting schedule was Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This changed in 2018 due to personal matters, which led to me struggling to keep up with this schedule. I've also been MIA for a while and posted rarely, if at all. Starting with March 2020 I had made it a goal to post at least bi-weekly, which was a very relaxed version of my previous schedule. But it worked for me, hopefully for any long-time readers as well. As I'm slowly getting the hang of it again, I want to challenge myself to a new schedule. Not as demanding as my previous one, but more engaging than the one we had so far this year. So here it is, out into the world with enthusiasm, expect posts Monday and Thursday! Eek! It's out there now and I'm excited for what is coming. Will keep this schedule until the end of the year and then we can rethink it. Until then hope you're as excited as I am and see you Thursday for a surprise! Can you guess what it will be?

Have a pink-tastic day! 



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