Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Diary #13 Italian Diet

As promised I'm finally writing the food diary post from our trip to Italy. I didn't photograph all the meals we had, but tried at least one meal a day, with desserts included. It was a lot of cheating on my healthy diet, however it was delicious. Very important note! I always shared and didn't eat it all by myself. I'm a foodie, so I like these types of posts and hopefully so do you. If you also write food diaries leave a link bellow. 

Have a pink-tastic day!

Smoked salmon salad with spinach and avocado (Mine)

 Ravioli (His)
 Chocolate lava cake
 Tarte tatin with mushrooms (Mine)
Lardo and cheese (His)
 Lasagnette with black truffles (Mine)
 Chicken with a special sauce, I honestly can't remember (His)
 Chocolate heaven (Mine)
 Apple Tarte Tatin with Ice cream (His)
 Tagliolini with white truffles (Mine)
 Ravioli with spinach, potato cream and white truffles (His)
 Gamberetti Risotto (Mine)
 Steak (His)


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