Friday, July 18, 2014

Street Art vs. Nature

Hey Dolls!

Like I promised, this outfit is me embracing summer and not wearing just dark colours. Actually not wearing any dark colours, instead this ensemble is floral, full of fun and bright colours. Everything has a cool tone to it, as I enjoy cool toned colours the most. The colour palette is composed of a lot of blue and green, as you know my favourite colours. 

Also in this post you will get to enjoy some lovely street art, but also a lot of nature. They are a bit opposite, however it shows you some new parts of Vienna. It's always nice to shoot the pictures in a new surrounding, it also gives a different vibe.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! 
Have a pink-tastic day!

H&M Blouse
Mango Shorts
ALDO Loafers 
Tiffany&Co. Ring
Bracelets from a local boutique in Turkey 



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  2. I like your Outfit. You are so cute :)
    X Robyn


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