Monday, June 2, 2014

Stay Inspired #4

Heeeey everyone!

Today I'm in a weird good mood for some unknown reason! Since I didn't post my biweekly "Stay Inspired" post last sunday, I thought I will write it today. Since summer is here or should be here, let's talk about summer shoes! Let's admit it, we all love shoes!

Saint Laurent

First of all there is a trend that I am currently not completely understanding : the barefoot sandals. They look real cute and sweet, but it makes no sense to me. I imagine a hot summer day on the beach wearing a crochet or lace barefoot sandal and the feeling of burning sand makes me wonder why wouldn't I just wear a cute normal sandal. Feel free to tell me your opinion on this one and if you would wear them, because like I said they look nice, but would you actually commit to wearing them?

Heeled sandals are always in and they are the perfect statement piece for summer if you're going for a  casual or elegant outfit. However be aware of the way they cut you at the ankle, as they can sometimes make you look shorter. Opt for nude one as they always elongate the legs or if you're feeling bold for some neon coloured ones.

Jimmy Choo
Giuseppe Zanotti 

Pumps are a all year round type of shoe, but some brands make some fun summer prints or just some awesome spring/summer models. Well... if you're lucky enough to live in California or any other place that has good wether all the time, than you can wear them anytime you want. Lucky girls!

Christian Louboutin

Let's not forget about the wedges and flat sandals. Because sometimes we want to be more casual, but still wear a heel or for when we want to be relaxed and not fuss around wearing high heels. I love sandals, especially because I don't like wearing heels when running errands or going shopping. 


Disclaimer : All pictures are via Pinterest!

To be honest my favourite summer shoes are flat and heeled sandals! I think they look incredibly flattering and are so much fun to wear, not to mention that based on the heel, colour and material you can get a ton of different looks with them. They can be sophisticated or more casual or edgy. What's your favourite summer shoe? Feel free to comment below.


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