Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Tags : Colours of the Rainbow Beauty Tag

Hey Dolls!

For the "colours of the rainbow tag" you have to chose a beauty item in each colour category of the rainbow, also adding pink. It's basically my favourite products in those colour divisions.

Hope you like it.
Have a pink-tastic day!

RED : Red is the easiest for me, a red lipstick. I love wearing red lipsticks and I'm open to any shades of red : orange-red, vibrant red, true red or dark-burgundy red, you name it I'll probably like it. However I tend to like more the reds with a blue undertone.

ORANGE : I don't like orange so much on me, except if it's a light peachy orange or like I've just mentioned, a orange-red lipstick. For this category I'll go with my Essie Tart Deco Nail Polish. I have to admit that with orange I'm always picky and I don't like all shades of orange, for me.
YELLOW : It's not really yellow, more like gold-ish colour and it is my highlighter from Catrice. It's really a fine dust of highlight, it's not chunky nor hard to blend.
GREEN : Cucumber Mask! The product itself isn't green just the packaging, but it still counts. It's peel off mask, so it's a lot of fun to use and it does the job.
BLUE : My kabuki brush is my favourite blue beauty related thing. I don't use powder overall my face, so I just use this brush for blush, but I love kabuki brushes. They are the cutest brushes. I also love blue nail polishes a lot, mostly the dark ones for autumn and winter.
INDIGO : My favourite mascara at the moment is the Rocket by Maybelline, which has a kind of indigo package, so we'll just roll with it.
VIOLET : This is also really easy for me to pick, eyeshadows. I love purple - violet eyeshadows. They look great and compliment all eye colours. Another purple thing that I absolutely adore is my Clinique Toner which has a purple-y colour.

PINK : Be prepared for a lot of stuff in this category. First of all pink lipsticks, mostly lighter shades and neon ones are my most loved ones. My Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume is pink, so there's another favourite. I also like the body butter from Body Shop, the Japanese Cherry Blossom one which *did you guess it?* has a pink package. I even got pink make-up brushes. Ok, I'll end with that because the list could go on for a while.


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