Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Adding Sparkle to January

Did you know January is considered the most depressing month of the year? Allegedly it's the combination of post Christmas blues, bills and the gray weather that has made it earn the title. While there are many great ways to help combat sadness during January, such as spending time with loved ones, working out, traveling somewhere warm, meditating, nourishing yourself, the one that will instantly lift your mood is something sparkly or colorful. 

This outfit is a simple classy look elevated with a sparkly crop top and pearl combat boots. The juxtaposition of the combat boots with pearls in the heel is pure perfection and me in a boot. I've dreamed of these boots for many years as they encapsulate my style perfectly, feminine, classy with an edge and comfy. The sparkly crop top can be worn so many ways and will shine in summer, but I love how it can liven up a simple look like this one. 

This year I'll play more into the classic pieces I own while elevating the looks with fun accessories. Something to remember as we start this new year is not all that glitter is gold, be mindful of that in everyday life.

Cari x


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