Thursday, February 4, 2021

Casadei & Self-Portrait Unboxing - YouTube

My first ever luxury unboxing on my YouTube channel was a Casadei one. It was incredibly well received, honestly creating one of my own that you liked watching and found informative was an absolute dream so if you've seen that video and commented or liked it, thank you. You babes are the best! If you haven't seen that one you can view it here

I still love the shoes I unboxed back then and I love designer shoes in general, as you've noticed throughout the years from my outfit and wishlist posts. Those Blade Casadei pumps are the dream, albeit half a size too small but I still wore them a couple of times and felt super stylish. I might actually add another pair of Blades to my collections, in the future not today's focus. Seeing my love for those shoes, I decided to purchase another pair of Casadei pumps, which I've unboxed for you in today's video. They're absolutely gorgeous and will pair nicely with most things in my wardrobe. 

Another fashion love of mine, that I've been sharing on both YouTube and my blog for years now, has been Self-Portrait. Their pieces are dreamy! There isn't a collection from which I wouldn't buy at least a few items. This dress I've been lusting over for a while now but with the pandemic I kept asking myself if I need it. Especially since we're not going anywhere at the moment. After debating for months, I finally bought it. It will have it's purpose at some point and for now it just makes me happy to have it. Doesn't it drive you insane when you miss out on a piece you wanted? I get super obsessed and then try to find it everywhere. I'm happy this dress won't drive me crazy, as I now have it. 

Make sure to watch the video to find out which dress and shoes I'm talking about, and subscribe to my channel for more weekly videos. 

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