Friday, May 8, 2015

What's in my bag

Since I enjoy "What's in my bag" posts and vlogs, I wanted to write my own. Because I frequently change my bags, they are very neat and well kept. You won't find recites - which I keep in my wallet anyway - or any wrappers and loose stuff. The bag I'm currently using is a neutral taupe Furla one, which is really spacious, has a zipper pocket and two smaller pockets.

The two things you can always be sure I have in my big bags are my wallet and make-up bag, on which I've already done a post of. Of course I keep my keys and phone in my bag, but since I was at home they were misplaced somewhere. I have this pair of Forever21 sunglasses inside, which have no point what so ever if I'm not wearing contact lenses. The slight cat eye shape make them one of my favourite sunglasses. I keep the small camera in my bag in case I feel inspired and want to take pictures on the go. Lastly you'll notice a small note book with a pen, in which I write blog post ideas, shopping lists, directions, just small stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this type of post.
Have a pink-tastic day!

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  1. Awesome post..


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