Friday, June 13, 2014

Spa Day at Home

Hello Dolls!

I want to share with you the products I like to use to pamper myself. Without any rambling let's get into it, because it will be a long post otherwise.

Before entering the shower I like to apply a face mask and the one I've been loving at the moment is the Freeman Clay Mask with Acai. It has a pale blueish colour and soft creamy texture, leaving the skin clean without over drying. The first thing I use in the shower is a sea salt scrub to exfoliate my skin and I have been enjoying the My Body Meersalz Peeling with the coconut scent. It leaves you feeling squeaky clean, but it can dry out your skin. Afterwards I use The Body Shop Raspberry shower gel, which leaves my skin smelling heavenly! I also have the perfume to accompany the shower gel. It's a limited edition product, so if you like raspberries go give it a sniff.

For my shampoo I have been adoring the Organix argan oil of Morocco shampoo. It supposed to leave your hair silky smooth, which it definitely does. I follow with the herbal essences hydrating conditioner. After I get out of the shower I use the Balea by DM body lotion. I have really dry skin and should use it daily, which I don't always do...I know it's very bad of me. It's ok, nothing special, but it has a nice smell which lingers around for a few hours. For my hair I use the Guhl Ginger and thermal water leave-in spray.

If I'm not having a "spa day" I won't use the mask, scrub, leave-in spray or shampoo on a daily basis. I will just wash my body with the raspberry shower gel and apply body lotion if I'm not feeling lazy.
I'll also write a skincare routine post really soon, so look forward to that. I'll share with you all the masks I use in that post and my whole routine basically. See you tomorrow!

Have a pink-tastic day!


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