Thursday, May 15, 2014

Down memory lane

While I was out and about, I was wondering on this rainy gloomy day how do bloggers manage to take pictures even when it's pouring outside. Have you ever wondered? I have done some pictures in the past on really cold and rainy days and let me tell you it's no fun! I get really cold fast, so I dislike taking pictures in such conditions and avoid these situations. 

More than the blogger who has to pose, I sometimes wonder how does the photographer take it. It's not easy for the person who has to take the shoots. But the most important question I ask myself on this sad day is : Why is it pouring in mid May?? I mean... I was expecting so much warmth from May. It was the time to bust out all the nice spring - summer dresses. I got too happy about spring too fast.

Moving on from that, as you can see this is turning into another rambling post. Honestly I enjoy writing them, hopefully someone enjoys reading them. Today I went through my design portfolio and a nostalgic feeling got me. I started seriously drawing in 2009, did it for a few years including my first two years in Austria, however I haven't drawn anything in a year I think. Maybe I should get back into it. I'll share with you some of my old drawings. I am by no means a professional, I was doing it because I was passionate about it. 

Have a pink-tastic day!
 I started drawing shoes also in 2009 and out of all the fashion items one could draw, sketching shoes is my favourite and the one I'm best at. I can't draw accessories or bags, but I love to draw my dream shoes or just ones that I would love to wear.


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