Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Cool Girl's Suit

I fell in love with suits sometime in 2014 while doing my internship at Audi, and the love just kept on growing, obsessively maybe. And I'm not the only one who stayed obsessed with women wearing suits, the fashion industry has freshen up suits for women season after season. From asymmetrical components to distressed ones to deconstructed elements, every season offers new interpretations but one thing is clear. Suits will always be in style as they continue to empower women.

This outfit combines multiple elements that are trending right now and that make this a "cool girl's suit". From the cropped blazer with strings to tie around your waist, to the asymmetrical fastening of the trousers and of course the mix of pattern that would have your parents asking if the retailer ran out of material when sewing. Yet all these elements pieced together make for one stylish outfit that draws everyone in. It's fun, outside my comfort zone and a joy to wear. Would you wear this?

Cari x


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