Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

My beloved 2018,

how fast you've gone by! It's incredible that another year has passed by and yet, here we are 2019. What will you bring me and how will you treat me? 2018 has been amazing, so many new friends, beautiful moments and exciting travels! As always 2018 hasn't been all fluffy and happy, but the good times have made it worth. Life will never be only happy moments, what's important is how you react to the bad ones. This year has been one of learning, on a lot of different levels, most importantly I've learned my worth! It hasn't been an easy journey, but the important part is that we got there eventually. 

I didn't get to spend as much time with my family as I was wishing, it's tough when you live in different countries. However my family did visit last March and my sister once again in October and I managed to visit in August and for Christmas. It wasn't too bad, just not as much as we would've all liked. My girlfriends also visited and I traveled to Milan to visit a few times, which was a dream and hopefully will continue in 2019. 

Travel-wise, 2018 you were a dream! I visited San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Milan, Lecco, Malaga, Rome, Amsterdam and Iceland. This might seem a lot to some and not enough to others. I am happy to have traveled to all these amazing places and can only hope to travel even more in 2019! Keep tuned for that as I will always be sharing my adventures on Instagram and here. 

I'll share my goals for the new year soon, but til then 2019 be kind! Let us make this year even better than 2018, more personal and professional growth, as well as more love and travels! 2019, be so amazing that I have nothing to ask for in 2020! Happy New Year loves! Sending you all a giant hug and a lot of love!

Have a pink-tastic day!


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