Friday, January 27, 2017

5 Tips for a Baby Face

What is a baby face? Well let's take me as example, very narcissistic I know! but, as you can see in my bio I'm 25 years old, yet look like a 15 year old. No joke, I've been told this week I look like I'm 12! Now, while it's quite clear I don't look like a 12 year old, you wouldn't guess my age. 

Hope you enjoy this post and keep on reading!

Time for a little story. In June last year, while celebrating my 25th birthday in Munich with my sister, we decided to go dancing. I wore make-up and did my hair, you know all the girly things you do to feel pampered for a night out. Let's fast forward a bit, arriving at the club everyone waited around 10 minutes to get in, because the bouncer wouldn't believe my id is real. He just wouldn't accept the fact that I was turning 25 that night. 

Another shorter story. Coming back to Milan after Christmas and going through pass control was yet again fun. The policemen couldn't believe I was 25, though he was quite funny. He checked me out way longer than normal and at the end told me I really don't look my age. And these are just two recent examples.

While, it's funny looking back, it's frustrating when it happens. Everyone tells you that you're so lucky, good genes and whatnot, but when you can't get into bars, clubs, countries... not so fun anymore. If I don't have this face when I'll be 40... it will anger me enormously!

Back on a positive note, I thought it would be amusing to share these stories with you and give you a few tips if you're dealing with a baby face. 

1. Know in your heart, that no matter how much make-up you wear and what outfits you choose, you will still look younger than you are. Acknowledging the situation is the best start! Can't tell you the number of times I "made myself up" thinking it would be different. ahaha this sounds way more dramatic that it actually is. 

2. Embrace the baby face! The good part is, people are sometimes nicer because you look like a child. Though, on the other hand, some people don't take you in consideration when shopping because you look too young to have a credit card. But, you know, embrace it. 

3. Stop frustrating about it! After 25 years, I just expect these things to happen. Always have two different ways of proving my age. In Uni it used to be my id and student card, now it's my id and health card. You know, for the times when they second guess your id and you don't have the patience.

4. Stop trying to prove people otherwise! Unless it's a legal situation, there is no need to convince anyone. I find it annoying when people are asking for my id because "omg, can't believe you're really so old". 

5. Cherish it! Like earlier mentioned, if this face stays the same until I'm 40 it will be all worth it and pretty sure, then I will adore it if someone asks for my id before giving me my drink. Awww the fun times ahead! Ahaha

You guys, this post was all for fun. Just poking at the silly things that sometimes get on our nerves more than they should. If you have a baby face, just appreciate it, it's your face and part of what makes you ...well you! Don't forget that if you can't laugh at yourself, someone else will and it will be less fun.

Have a pink-tastic day!


  1. Been there daily haha. Tried doing the buns that are in style right now.. They think I am 15 rather than 21..

  2. You are truly blessed Carina! When you made that video, I kept checking & asking ... is this the same girl? LOL Love your tips! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aww such a cute post babe! The tips you shared are so perfect for everyone with a baby face :) Have an amazing day love!

    XO Jessi,

  4. I guess it must be cool... I always experienced the other thing - being tall and adult-looking, I was never feeling myself younger XD And nobody ever thought I was TT My wish for a long time was to become cute and small girl.. but I can't change that XD o I guess I will just look more and more mature TT

  5. Hahaha it's true, you don't really look like you're 25 (which is also my age!!)
    Have a nice weekend Carina ;)


  6. I so understand you! It happened to me many times when the passport was being checked, bouncers demanding my ID as well, and other things, during many phases of my life. You will see it will go on happening to you when you are 30. I think it has to do with genes, of course, but also the way we see life. So enjoy the way you look, like you said, cherish it! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  7. Really interesting post. I enjoyed in reading.


  8. I love this post, I can totally relate! These days I embrace it and I have decided that I love it! :)

    Much love,
    Marianne x

  9. Loely tips, for me its a good thing to have baby face, make you always looks young. LOL

  10. Great tips!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase


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