Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fitness Update and stuff...

Hi Dolls!

Haven't written a rambling post in so long. Today I just want to sit down with you, maybe grab a cup of tea or a coffee, and talk about various things. I'm currently drinking a big cup of green tea, which I know is weird seeing the scorching hot temperature, but I love tea. Some cupcakes would go perfectly with my mood and afternoon tea, however I'm not having any.

One of the themes I want to approach is fitness, but before getting to the subject please keep in mind that I'm not a qualified trainer or nutritionist, I'm not saying everyone should make the same decisions and lastly just because I do it doesn't make it better or right. I like talking about food and sometimes fitness, but don't want to come across in the wrong way, everyone should strive to be healthy and happy in their own way. At the beginning of the year I shared with you in my 2015 Goals post that I would like to exercise more. For the first couple of months I didn't do much, just light training inconsistently. However afterwards I started searching for different workouts on Youtube and Pinterest, but still working out inconsistently. Since the middle of April I got really into it, working out almost on a daily basis. Mostly, I enjoy Youtube workouts where someone is doing everything with me. I don't like the ones that tell you "and now repeat for x more times..."! My weight still fluctuates considering my eating habits, however I feel a little bit more fit which was and is the purpose. It makes me happy that I've worked out for myself and didn't get lazy after a few weeks. Of course the test is if I'll make it through the year, but at the moment I'm positive. Let's be honest, a lot of people have the resolution of working out more, but have you been keeping it?

I'm happy that I've managed to post more outfit post this month. In the June Outfit Review post I set for myself the challenge of posting more looks. The month isn't over, so I plan on sharing even more outfits with you. The spring and summer months are so much easier to style, or at least I like them better. Autumn fashion is also lovely, but harder to photograph due to weather conditions and in winter I just want to live in cozy sweaters and my UGGs.

BTW, can't wait to go home, in Bucharest. I've been so eager to visit since easter, I'm not even kidding you. Family time is very important for me, so it will be a lot of fun. Not gonna lie, also missing the food so prepare yourselves for intense Food Diary posts. As always traveling completes me, even if it's going home. I'm sad that there are no sea side travels in the near future, because I love swimming and the smell of the sea, lying in the sun (under an umbrella 'cause let's be honest ...I would burn faster than you can say "sea side" ahaha).

I think this would be it for now, I'll share with you more thoughts some other time. My tea was lovely, hopefully yours too.

Have a pink-tastic day!



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