Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Goals

A little bit late, but this gave me time to think through what I want to accomplish this year. Firstly let's analyse how 2014 went. My objectives where to be healthier, go more often to the gym, travel more and post regularly. I'm happy to say that I managed to keep all but one.

I did eat healthier and tried to make better choices when eating at a restaurant, which was a great step forward and shows that you can always make a healthier option no matter where you are eating. I'm not saying to get a salad everywhere, but avoid deep fried foods at least. Of course it's always good for the soul to have some cheat meals. Please don't deprive yourselves, just have some restraint not to eat unhealthy on a daily basis.

Sadly I didn't go to the gym more, again I was either going on a daily basis or skipping for a couple of months. It's good that at least I worked out hardcore when I was going, but still it wasn't more than the previous year.

I was really blessed and got to travel more, experience new places and cultures, which is the most beautiful way of spending time. Travel is more important than shopping and material things, it enriches your soul and provides new challenges, teachings, making you appreciate life more. Lastly I kept my goal of posting more and having variety on my blog.

Now enough of the reminiscing and let's discuss 2015 goals. Of course I want to keep the healthy lifestyle, but most importantly exercise more. This means not just going to the gym, but working out at home, even if it's doing some crunches. I think this is more realistically since my gym is kind of far from where I live and I get lazy. Keeping up the resolution of 2014, I want to post more regularly and improve my blog. I would like to read more for myself, not just Uni. Something that I think can enrich me as a person, is to be more grateful and I want to try my best to be more thankful for the people in my life. Last but not least, more traveling please! What are your resolutions ?

Have a pink-tastic day!


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