Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Food Diary #9

Let's talk about cheat meals! I usually eat quite healthy, but in the last week or so I've been eating kind of bad. Ok, let's be honest here: it turned into a full cheat week. Once I'll settle back in my routine, the healthy eating will return. 

Today I'll share with you my favourite Austrian restaurant in Vienna. This is a restaurant, that my parents discovered and it has been one of their favourites for years now. I also love it and every person I took there seems to at least like it. The name is Bettelstudent, which would translate as the begging student. Don't let the name deceive you into thinking it's less awesome than it actually is. Thought you would enjoy seeing what we got this time.

Have a pink-tastic day!

Creme of garlic soup and pumpkin soup. I always get and recommend to everyone to try the garlic soup. It's so good, even though it might sound weird. The pumpkin soup was also tasty, however the garlic one is still my favourite.
Boar schnitzel with a salad and pork medallions in pepper sauce with vegetables.
I liked the pork medallions better and my boyfriend the schnitzel, however they both tasted delicious. I like sharing food, it's a great way of trying different things. 



  1. I've been having one of those weeks and those kind of weeks calls for greasy food hahaha. I'll be good next week.


  2. I need this food!! It looks delicious!!
    Xo, Wendy
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