Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Modigliani Food Diary

Modigliani is a restaurant situated in the center of Bucharest inside of the InterContinental Hotel, at the ground floor. It's an Italian restaurant with an Italian chef, which uses authentic Italian recipes and ingredients. Thanks to its originality the restaurant has been certified with "Ospitalita Italiana". The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated. While having dinner you also get to enjoy a soft live piano performance, which seems to relax the mind from all the hectic daily cares. 

As you get seated at your table, the first thing you'll get are Tapenade, which are some fresh bread, olive and caper paste, olive oil and balsamic. These are given to all guest on behalf of the house, to enjoy while choosing their meals.
We started with some Antipasti freddi da condividere, per 2, which consist of Burrata, grana padano, bresaola, salami, rucola salad, tomatoes, prosciutto crude, bruschette and olives. From my knowledge you can't find Burrata in Bucharest, which makes this appetiser special. All the ingredients are typical Italian  antipasti components. 

Melanzana alla Parmigiana - Eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and basil. I don't usually like melanzana, it doesn't appeal to me. However I can honestly say the way it was cooked here was perfectly delicious and even I loved it. It was crispy and cheesy!Yumm.
Flan di Parmiggiano Reggiano al reduzione di balsamic -  Parmesan Cheese flan with balsamic reduction, which was a surprise from Alex, the new restaurant manager. It doesn't just look good, it also tasted lovely.
Fettuccine verde al pesto di pomodori secchi, ricotta salata, zucchini julienne. The pasta is freshly made, a detail that made the dish even more enjoyable. It was light and perfect for a summer day!
The fish was also fresh and served with some vegetables. Alex cleaned and cut it before our eyes, which was a lovely gesture, that you get to enjoy while eating at a good and qualitative restaurant.
Filetto Rossini - Grilled Beef tenderloin with goose liver and balsamic sauce. The beef was cooked to perfection, I haven't enjoyed such good grilled beef in a while now. The beef was laying on a crusted bread spread with onion jam. It offered a bit of sweetness that balanced out perfectly with the acidity of the balsamic sauce and the heaviness of the goose liver. The flavours went perfectly together and none was overpowering the other.
Don't worry, I didn't eat all these desserts! The desert was presented like this to show the variety and offer a visual to the menu. I went for the cake of the day (right lower corner of the picture). It was a chocolate mouse over creme brûlée cake, at least that's the way Alex explained to me and I think he summed it up pretty good. I also tried a bit of the crunchy chocolate cake (left lower corner), which was amazing. Of course they were not the lightest option of the bunch, but I'm pretty sure they were the most delicious...well if you enjoy chocolate at least.

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