Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Train insane

Hey Dolls!

Wanted to update you on my fitness routine and health goals for the summer. I have changed a little bit my fitness routine. Last time I told you I was running for half an hour, alternating running and speed walking, in the meantime I am using the stepper. It's much easier for me even though it requires more effort. I told you I don't like running. As for the rest of the workout, I am doing arm presses, leg presses, crunches, squats, nothing special. I don't use a lot of weights, since I just want to tone my body. I am quite happy with my routine and it gives me a lot of energy, so I try to go in the mornings.

I did a sort of detox, where I ate only fruit, vegetables and fish for two weeks. I substituted cheese with tofu and since I like tofu that turned out well. I also ate only rye bread, instead of white or whole wheat bread. I wasn't hard at all, since I enjoy eating a lot of fruit and vegetables anyway. I did crave pizza and ice cream. I am now eating normally again, which is still really healthy. I still want to do the juice cleanse detox, but I have to plan it after exams. I am also really happy with my "diet", again using diet in the sense of eating choices. I would love to keep it like this and eat even more fruit.

Do you have a fitness routine or a workout plan? What's your diet like? Feel free to tell me in the comments bellow. I love reading your comments!

Have a pink-tastic day!


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