Monday, February 17, 2014

San Diego Zoo

Hi Loves!

I want to share with you a wonderful experience that I got to enjoy at the San Diego Zoo. They have a program called "Backstage Pass", where you get to meet up close some of the animals. With some you are allowed to touch or feed, others just to have in front of you on a leash. It was an amazing day that I will cherish forever. To get so close with some of these animals is usually impossible, so having this opportunity makes me adore these animals so much more. It's something you might get to do once, needles to say how happy I was.

In this post I'll share just the backstage pictures that I bought at the Zoo and also some that I took. In the next post I'll show you the whole Zoo and many more lovely animals. If you're an animal lover, like I am, I think you'll enjoy these posts.

Have a pink-tastic day!

These last pictures where made by the Zoo Photography-team, sadly I didn't get to meet Pandas and thank God I didn't have to run away from Rhinoceros.


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