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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Resolutions

Hey Dolls!

As promised today I'm sharing with you my new year resolutions. They aren't many and I try to keep them as realistically as possible. I think they are things that are achievable, for me at least.

The first one is a continuation of last year, to get more healthy. I think I did a really good job with this resolution last year and I will like to continue it. I'm not going to be extreme and cut out the things that I enjoy eating but are bad for me, however I will minimise the portion and how often I eat them. I try to eat healthy at least 5 days a week and have a cheat day or two. This usually doesn't apply when I'm on vacation. Maybe someday I'll make a post of what I eat in a day, will see.

My next resolution goes hand in hand with the first one. I want to go more often to the gym. I have been going this past year, but not as consistent as I would like. I do not want to loose weight! I want to be fit and healthy.

As a next wish for this year, I would like to continue traveling a lot and seeing the world. I love traveling, even though being on the road is exhausting sometimes, being able to visit a new place and culture is totally worth it, in my opinion at least.

I want to post more and improve my blog, I would like to make it better and be more consistent with my posts. I'm not going to promise to post everyday, because I know it won't happen. I will however promise to try my best and get even better at it, the very least post more than I did last year.

Hope you like this rambling post.
Have a pink-tastic day!
See you soon.


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