Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Style Inspo

Today's inspiration is meant to get you in the mood for the upcoming fashion weeks and to inspire your outfit choices for the events you might be attending. In case you're not attending any, to inspire you to be a bit extra in this period. 

You'll notice there's a theme going on through this post, all the pictures involve either flowing materials or ruffles or both. The selection contains feminine-romatic cuts, with a few edgy details, which is exactly how I would define my style. 

Are you excited for Fashion Week?

Have a pink-tastic day!
 Disclaimer: All Pictures are via Pinterest



  1. Really interesting post. This selection is wonderful.


  2. Good pictures, have a good day

  3. how can it be that beautiful ** I'd wear all of these dresses!

  4. All the outfits are so so beautiful! I really want to go fashion week but never really had the opportunity to :(

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

  5. Thank you for the selection! Dreaming about Fashion Week!

  6. Very nice post diar. I follow you and you follow me please!

  7. Beautiful fashion & runway looks!

  8. I really loved the pictures, so many beautiful pieces to get inspired for the new season - that hopefully comes soon! Hope you have a very nice week!


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