Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty Goodies : Fall Beauty Must-Haves

Hey dolls!

Last week I talked about the new fashion trends for this season, so now I want to share with you my fall must haves.
I find it appropriate and love to wear darker lips during the fall and winter season , dark reds and dark purples are a must for me this season. I would also like to find a nice burgundy lipstick. The same principle goes for the nails,but including navy colours : glossy,matte or sand, the finish doesn't matter.

For the eyes neutrals are always in, but to make it more fall I would mix in some dark purply colours or simply eyeliner when going so bold on the lips.The blush can be any warm colour that suits your complexion.

Fall is the time to go more glam on you make-up,it's the season where you can rock bold lips even in the day.I like bold lips during the day in any season but that is just my preference.

Hope you like it.

Fall Beauty Must-Haves Part 1


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