Monday, July 8, 2013

7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

I found this Tag called the 7sins of fashion which is actually so munch fun. I want to experiment more with my blog and that is why in the last few posts I have been focusing on beauty and now tags.
Let's get started :

Gluttony : What do you own in excess?
This is pretty easy , SHOES.I do think I have a lot of shoes, I don't have them all with me in Vienna but if you count also those from home in Bucharest then they add up. I do try to always buy different colours ,that way I can justify myself.
Greed :What type of clothing do you always have a desire to buy ?
Shoes ,again , but also handbags.For both of them it doesn't really matter which model, if high heels or flats,clutch or tote . Even though I consider I have a reasonable amount of both, I still look at them every time I'm in a store.I don't know why, but I gravitate towards them.
Sloth : What is your go-to outfit?
You would have notice this by now,something casual and chic.

Wrath : What makes you angry when shopping?
When I am searching for a specific type of clothing and they don't have it in my size but they have it in all other sizes. I know I can't control it but it just pisses me off.

Envy : Which celebrity fashion sense do you most envy ?
I would have to say Miranda Kerr. She is gorgeous in my opinion and has a very versatile fashion style which makes her awesome. You will see her one day all glam up and the next super casual boho-chic. 

Lust : Which stores outside appearance do you find most physically attractive ?
This one is hard, I think ZARA and Forever 21 always have the type of appearance that lures you in. But if we are talking more high end brands I'll have to go with Prada or Chanel.

Pride : Out of all the outfits you have put together , which are you most proud of?
I'm always more proud of my glamourous outfits, for parties or special events. It's just a great opportunity to look your best , be elegant but find ways to incorporate your style into it.

Hope you liked it.


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