Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make-up essentials : Travelling

Hey Dolls!

Since soon I'll be traveling again, I thought it would be appropriate to do a "make-up essentials post". I am a make-up enthusiast, but when I travel I don't usually pack a lot, trying to take what I think will be needed and not my whole make-up "collection".

I don't usually wear foundation on an everyday basis, but since I'll have an important meeting I want to look my best , so flawless. Because you never know how you're skin is going to act up which is why I want to be prepared and also I like to wear it when I go out at night . For lipsticks I'll only take two colours a nude one and a really bright one, also a gloss that goes with both. Anything left is pretty basic.

Hope you like it.
        As a mini review on the foundation : first of all you need to know that I have really dry skin, so a lot of the foundations on the market dry me even more out. This one is the first to look flawless and keep this effect during the day. It's a light-medium coverage ,which is what I prefer and the last motive why I love it, is that Bobby Brown is one of the few brands that bring in Europe such a light shade (I am in shade  00). Usually all the drugstore brands never bring the lightest shades , I know they go lighter first of all because I researched it and second of all because I found them in the US. In conclusion I love this foundation,it's really moisturising, doesn't cake up and has a good lasting power on me without using a primer. It's a new holly grail for me.


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  1. Die MAC Lippenstifte sind toll!

    Und klar geht das mit dem gegenseitigem folgen. Ich folge dir nun via GFC.


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