Saturday, May 10, 2014

Keep being motivated

Hi my gorgeous Dolls!

Today I want to talk about being healthy, which includes having a well balanced diet and getting enough exercise. I am not a nutritionist, so my way isn't necessary the right way of doing things. Please keep that in mind.

First of all let's admit the obvious : I am not always motivated enough to go work out. When I take a break from fitness it's at least a two weeks one, which isn't getting me anywhere. My problem is that I get over motivated and then get lazy. My stimulus at the moment is that summer is coming and I want to get toned. Which is what most of us want for summer. Don't compare your body with the body of a model or actress. As overused as it may seem : try to get your body to the best version of yourself.

I am currently trying to go workout 4 days a week. On Mondays running for 30 min, I alternate speed-walking with running. If you can run outside more power to you! I can't, I barely run on a treadmill. Tuesdays working my abs, legs and arms. I just asked my trainer what type of exercise I should do. Always talk to your trainer, tell him your difficulties and what you wish to achieve. Wednesday I take a break. Thursday I repeat the cardio from Monday and Friday the program from Tuesday.  On weekends taking a break.

For diet eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, lean meat like chicken and turkey, salmon, tuna steaks. Eat what you like, but try to make the healthier option. For example buy whole wheat bread/pasta, or dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. The last one is really hard for me since I dislike dark chocolate, but I'm still working on it. Also drink a lot of water, especially when you work out.

However give yourself a cheat meal/day once in a while. You deserve it. Don't starve yourselves. Ever! I don't eat perfectly and when I have cheat days I make them count as you may have seen from my Food Diary posts. I am not trying to lose any weight, my goal is to be toned, healthy and fit. I think that is what people should strive for : Health.

Now let's talk about something else that can motivate you. Fitness clothes! Having cute workout shoes and clothing can make you want to exercise more. If you invested in really good quality ones it can also motivate you. Think that after buying them you need to get your moneys worth out of them.

Hope you enjoyed this rambling post!
Have a pink-tastic day!

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