Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beauty Goodies : Top 5

Hi Dolls!

I'm thinking of writing a series of "Top 5" for the wednesday posts, every month perhaps. I'm still not sure about the details, but thought it might be fun. Today will be my top five autumn - winter lipsticks.
As you may know I love buying lipsticks, which might become a problem.  My top five are in no particular order, I love them all so I'm gonna talk about them in a random order. That being said, let's jump right into it.
The swatches of the lipsticks are in the order I have mentioned them, in case anyone was wondering about the colours.

Hope you like it.
Have a pink-tastic day!

Starting with the darks : first of all there is Rebel by MAC. This is a lipstick loved and owned by almost all beauty bloggers and their sister. It's a really popular lipstick. I got mine last year and have used it in a couple of posts at least. It's a deep berry colour with a glossy finish.

Going even darker here, a new favourite for the autumn - winter season is Boyfriend Stealer by MAC. This one is even darker, it's a dark creamy purple shade. It looks good on it's own but also combined with Rebel for an ombre lip.

MAC Red is also a colour I like to wear more in the cold months. It's a deeper blue undertone red, which has the most amazing lasting power. It does stain the lips so if you drink or eat, you still have a red-ish pout.

Another colour I go for this time of the year and actually all year round is a nude colour. I have a few nudes but a favourite is Yves Saint Lauren Nr 1. It's really creamy and opaque, but also transferable so I am extra careful not to touch my scarfs when I wear it.

Even though it's fall, I still enjoy a peachy lip. I always like to have the alternative to wear a light girly lip colour on those rare sunny days in the colder months. Estee Lauder the Michael Kors Edition Lipstick is my favourite. I dread the day I will finish it, since it was a limited edition.

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