Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Tags : 15 Fashion Questions

Hey dolls!

Like I said in yesterdays post, I have worked up a schedule for my blog posts. It includes some fun post, more than just outfits of the day. Mondays it will be "Monday Tags" where I answer questions from different tags that I find fun and interesting. I found this Tag on Laura Morley blog, I do not know her but found her blog quite nice.

Hope you like it.
1.What is your favourite style to wear?
Well...did you guess it? Elegant chic! I love to dress up , but since I live in Vienna , where the weather is mostly cold and rainy, I have to adapt and go for more casual outfits . After all I have to keep warm. *hehe*
2.What is your favourite fashion role model?
I have said this before, Miranda Kerr. She is fabulous, I love her style and her attitude on the runway.
A fashion role model for elegance and lifestyle that I have loved since a long time ago and I think will always love is Audrey Hepburn. She was a role model in general.

3.What do you always have on?
One of two things : My Tiffany Ring or my Tiffany Necklace. I always wear them, one of the two or both.
4.What are your favourite jeans?
My American Eagle Jeans, got my first pair this year and I absolutely love them. Otherwise I would have to say Calvin Klein Jeggings .They flatter my figure and are one of my most worn jeans, which shows how fond I am of them.

5.What are your favourite sunglasses?
They were my black baroque sunglasses from Amazon, which I lost in the Bahamas.
6.What are your favourite shoes?
Well ...this one is hard, really hard. I think my green ZARA sandals or my Aldo Wedges.
7.Who influenced you to write about fashion?
I used to read a lot of fashion blogs before starting my own and always wanted to have a blog of my own , but was anxious about it. After following so many blogs I finally decided to give it a try. So the answer is fashion itself and all the blogs that I like.

8.What is your favourite store?
Hmmm...this is also hard. Every store! ahaha 
That isn't really a good answer. I like a lot ZARA, Forever 21, Aldo, Prada. I don't have a favourite one, I really like a lot of stores.

9.Who is your favourite fashion person on YouTube?
She is actually a beauty guru, but I really like her style. Her name is Ingrid or missglamorazzi (her screen name). She is really sweet and lovely, has a chic and casual style.

10.What is your favourite fabric?
Chiffon, it's such a flowing, light fabric and it looks great for blouses or dresses.

11.Who is your favourite model?
Like before Miranda Kerr.

12.If you had 5,000 euros to spend on any item, what would it be?
Definitely, a Chanel Bag. I wouldn't think twice about it.

13.Heels or Flats?
Flats for Vienna , Heels for Bucharest.
14.What purse do you currently use?
I have quite a few purses, but my most worn ones are my Michael Kors Tote and my Coccinelle Tote.
I've had my Michael Kors one for two years now and my Coccinelle for a year and a half almost. I still love them most out of all my bags.
15.Is fashion in your blood or in your genes? 
In my blood. My mother also has a passion for fashion, which was obviously transmitted to me and my sister.


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